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Re: Posting to usenet

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Martin Bialasinski wrote:

> On Sun, 2 Nov 1997, Trevor Barrie wrote:
> > I decided to remove all the news-related stuff from my system and started
> > over by installing the leafnode, inewsinn, and trn packages (is that
> > sufficient?); the message I get now is "Can't get host name, No such file
> > or directory.".
> > 
> I just have leafnode, no inewsinn. I read news with gnus instead of trn,
> but this shouldn't matter.

Well, dselect says that trn depends on inews, which inewsinn provides and
leafnode doesn't. Just in case I tried forcing a removal of inewsinn, but
when I tried posting I just got an error message along the lines of "inews
not found".

I also tried installing nn, which doesn't have this dependency; when I
start nn, I get

Connecting to NNTP server localhost...
Connecting to NNTP server localhost... ok (posting is allowed)
NNTP 502 Syntax error response: 502

at which point the program terminates.

> Did you tell trn to use localhost as the news server?


> Do you have /etc/hostname worldreadable?


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