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knews Q.

Can anyone explain to me in plain, simple english, what I
need to do to get knews to only subscribe to the 5 news
groups I've subscribed to?  It ignores $NNTPSERVER, so I
need to manually connect to my ISPs news server everytime I
start it, and it always tries to read every group.  I looked
at the config file, but it just doesn't light up any bulbs
in my head.  My local environment sets Knews.nntpServer in
.xresources (and xrdb -query dumps it, so its being set
correctly), but it doesn't seem to matter.  My config is set
up in .knews/config-myserver.   If I set Knews.nntpServer
globally, it finds the right server, but that sucks.  In any
case, it always reads every group.

How can I tell it to only read the groups I selected?
I have checkForNewGroups set to false, but I have no idea
what settings to choose to get it straitened out.  Everytime
I change something and restart to check it, it goes into
never never land checking everything under the sun.  I can't
afford to keep mucking around with it this way.

Any pointers would be welcome.


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Richard G. Roberto

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