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Re: ssh

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Adam Shand wrote:

> > What about making empty package named ssh and put it into archive which
> > will just say when installed that there is also non-US part of archive
> > and where one can find it.
> Or better yet have the install script explain the situation and then ask
> you if you want it to download the version from an overseas mirror... and
> then install that over the top of the fake one.

This seems a good idea, but there is one technical problem. You simply
can't call dpkg to install a package while dpkg is installing packages. 
The only thing you could do is ask to download the package and then tell
the user where it is and how to install it. The fake ssh package could
have version number 0-1 or something like that, as long as it is less than
the version number of any real ssh package that has been released.

The same reasoning goes, of course, for all the other packages in non-us.

Another thought: could the fake packages go into main, or would they have
to go into contrib, like other install-wrappers?


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