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Re: ssh

> > Or better yet have the install script explain the situation and then ask
> > you if you want it to download the version from an overseas mirror... and
> > then install that over the top of the fake one.
> This seems a good idea, but there is one technical problem. You simply
> can't call dpkg to install a package while dpkg is installing packages. 
> The only thing you could do is ask to download the package and then tell
> the user where it is and how to install it. The fake ssh package could
> have version number 0-1 or something like that, as long as it is less than
> the version number of any real ssh package that has been released.

Why not just have it install a file called install-ssh and have it display
as it installs a text file which expains that this is a dummy program and
that they need to run this program (and make sure that their net
connection is up) in order to get the real thing..

I would also be inclined to do it as a package called get-ssh (or
whatever) which is replaced by the actual package rather then just have a
low version number.

As another though why not have an entire 'non-us.deb' package which
installs scripts (or one master script which lets you select which package
to install) for all the non-US packages... sorta like the FreeBSD ports
collection.  That would IMHO make more sense then having a dummy .deb
package for each non-US package. 


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