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Re: xconsole

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Paul Miller wrote:

> I want to customize xconsole a little bit.  Heres what I want to do:
> a) load in the lower left (1024x768)
> b) white text with black background
> c) displayed as part of the background; can't be iconified/moved, etc.
> window manager has no control over it - no title bar or anything.
> is this possible?  I know a) is and b) probably is.. but I don't know
> about c)..  how can I do a,b,and c?
> -Paul

Dunno about b, but a) is possible, whereever you execute xconsole from,
execute it with the option " -g +1024+786" (that gives the x and y
coordinates of the top left hand corner, which may mean in this case it's
off the screen so you may need to change the numbers a little)

and c) is also possible. Assuming you're using Fvwm2, there should be a
part of your .fvwmrc which has a whole lot of lines starting with "Style".
Style "xconsole" NoTitle, WindowListSkip, CirculateSkip

NoTitle removes the title bar which effectively removes most of the
control the window manager has on the program, 
WindowListSkip removes it from the Window List
CirculateSkip removes it from circulation (so the focus is never
circulated to that window). 
You may also want to try NoHandles but I don't know what that does. 

See if this helps.

 Andrew Tarr 


 "Some say love makes the world go around, others say it's money. Actually, it's angular momentum"
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