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Re: thinkpad install

The tecra rescue disk worked fine for me to install on my THinkpad 365XD.
I would recommend that it be called something other than 'tecra' since -
at least to me - its biggest seeling point is the zImage kernel (at least
I think that that is the case).

Thanks for such a great distribution,

Paul Rightley

On 30-Oct-97 Rocky Burt wrote:
>I'll try that right now
>>Could the user with the thinkpad problems try the disk in:
>>  disks-i386/current/special/tecra/
>>The testing group was trying to verify problems with the thinkpads and
>>possibly consider special boot disk for them.  However, the tester lost
>>access to the thinkpad shortly after posting about the problems.  If the
>>tecra patch works, we should probably modify the install instructions.
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