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Re: problems with Jaz partitioning

At 08:38 PM 02/11/97 -0500, David S. Zelinsky wrote:

>I recently had a problem with my Jaz drive, that Iomega, after giving me
>a run-around, eventually conceded was a bad drive (Jaz Tools couldn't even
>complete a format).

Over in comp.publish.prepress there's recently been a thread on the
apparent unreliability of Jaz drives. The drives supposedly aren't the
greatest, and the medium's even worse -- fragile even. (I say "apparent"
and "supposedly" because I've been using them for nearly two years without
incident, but the newsgroup consensus paints a bleak picture.)

You might try DejaNews for more info. I think the headings might've
contained the words "Jaz standard."

Prepress Systems Administrator,
Johnstone/Adams Graphics Ltd., Toronto

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