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Re: problems with Jaz partitioning

Alex Yukhimets <aqy6633@acf5.nyu.edu> wrote:
> I just put new SCSI adapter (SIIG i540) and external Jaz drive on my
> machine and I am having ome problems with them.
> First of all, if I commpile SCSI suport for my adpater (AdvanSys chipset)
> as modules, every single operation with drive is very flacky and system
> crashes after 2 minutes of using it.
> If compiled into kernel, it is OK to mount and use the drive formated by
> JazTools, but if I try to use fdisk to remove msdos partition and
> create ext2 partition - it fails. If I do just that -create new
> partition and reboot - partition table is not recognized.
> If I repertition, create ext2 filesystem, mount, do something - everything
> OK until I umount and when I mount again, it gives me LOTS of fs errors.
> the more I mount and then umount, the bigger number of errors I get.
> And again, after reboot, it can't recognize partition table.
> It looks like I can't write properly to the drive (yes, I removed rw
> protection). Who's fault is that - bad disk (doubtfully, JasTools
> do low-level format OK, and I have no problems with it in Windows),
> bad drive itself (?), bad SCSI adapter, bad driver for the adapter?

I recently had a problem with my Jaz drive, that Iomega, after giving me quite
a run-around, eventually conceded was a bad drive (Jaz Tools couldn't even
complete a format).

But in my conversations with Iomega's tech support, I was told not to use any
formatting tools other than the one provided by Iomega (JazTools, for Win95).
They claim that other formatting utilities can destroy the Jaz disk.  They
said this is because the Jaz disks use "proprietary hidden tracks, called
Z-tracks", and non-Jaz formatters won't handle these correctly.

I don't know whether any of this is true, or whether it applies to fsck (they
specifically said the Win95 ScanDisk, as well as the Adaptec 2940 BIOS
utility, are a no-no's);  and if so, I don't understand how one could cause
actual damage to the disk (as opposed to data on the disk).  But that's what
they said.

If anyone can shed any light on this issue, I'd be interested.  As things
stand now, I'm a little afraid to put anything on the disk other than the vfat
partition made by JazTools.

   David S. Zelinsky

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