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Re: Unrecognized message in /var/log/anacron

     Thanks for responding, Bill.

     This system is 1.2.18 and has popclient, not fetchmail.  I have
1.3.1, including fetchmail, installed on another partition, but don't
use that partition for mail.  Both partitions share the same home
directory (/home/bob is a link to /local/bob on another partition).

     In any event, this message appeared in /var/log/anacron.  Would
anything be written to this log, other than by anacron?  I can find no
reference in any of the cron jobs that looks like it should have caused
such a message.


> On Sun, 02 Nov 1997 Bill Leach <b.leach@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> Bob;
> Just sort of a wild guess but you arn't using fetchmail are you?
> -bill
> cp: /local/bob/.lockfetch-bobspc: No such file or directory
>      Which program requires .lockfetch, and should i create it?

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