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Re: netscape

On Sat, Nov 01, 1997 at 11:52:59AM +0100, Egon Schmid wrote:
> > Ever since I upgraded to XFree86 3.3 (in unstable), netscape won't run.
> > First it complains that it can't find XKeysymDB, so I set that
> > environment variable; then I get a bus error.
> I don´t think that XFree86 3.3 is the problem. Can you reinstall netscape. There will be two possibilities.

I did it (the debian way), I was running the netscape
as opposed to netscape3 package, so I thought that might helpm
but it didn't.

Right now I am trying to do some web development with mysql
and www-sql and I really need a web browser with tables :-(

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