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Re: The real Debian.org

First off, I am not a developer of Debian packages and thus do not know
how Bruce Perens manages the distribution.  But basically I have two

1.  To DC, your first mistake was to post your request to all of the
debian lists.  The problem with this is that this is a developers' issue,
not a users' issue.  Thus all those responses sound like they were from
users of debian, not the developers.  In this case, user's opinions are
irrelavent. Who cares if a user likes Bruce Perens as the project leader? 
They are not the one who must work with him.  Developers like you and
others are the ones who matter.  What do other developers think?  Are they
having the same problem as you?

2.  To the users, it's so pitiful that users of a distribution is so
quick to kick out a DEVELOPER just because he disagrees with the leader.
As a user, I must laugh at some of the criticisms.  Spelling mistakes?
Use of initials instead of the full name?  These are reasons for ignoring
a complaint?  It is scary to find out that this type of group can decide
who becomes a developer for debian and who doesn't.

I should mention that this is not the first time there was disagreement in
the Debian project.  I remember in the beginning that Bruce and RMS also
had a disagreement.  Fortunately, that was resolved.  I hope this one gets
resolved as well.  Unlike others, I do see some problems with the
distribution and improvements can be made.  Dave, I don't know what kind
of contributions you make to debian.  But if it is in the dpkg program,
then I hope you can continue to improve it.  If you do branch off into
another distribution (great, yet another distribution), then dpkg is the
first program you should improve.

Jimen Ching (WH6BRR)      jching@flex.com     wh6brr@uhm.ampr.org

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