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I've been trying for about a week to get sound to work to no avail. I am
running kernel 2.0.30 with sound compiled as a module. The error I get
(when i get an error.. with xplaymidi it just acts like its playing but
no sound comes out) is "/dev/audio: No such device or address". There
are 2 possibilities of where I can be going wrong.

#1 Wrong Sound Card
I have (according to the manual) an "ISP=16v3 audio board". I don't see
that anywhere in the kernel config or the hardware how-to doc. Inside
the manual is says it is compatible with Adlib, Soundblsater, MS Win
sound System, General MIDI. It has a YAMAHA OPL3 FM Synthesiser. I've
tried soundblaster, with OPL3, without OPL3, just OPL3.. When i boot
into Win95 it says it has MPU-401 interface so I tried that with and
without the above options and it still doesn't work. Does anyone out
there have experiance with this sound card or can tell me which one to

#2 Simply not compiling and/or installing module correctly.
As i said before, i have sound set as a module. Here are the steps i go
through when i am trying the different options:

make xconfig
make dep
make clean
make modules
make modules_install

Is that correct?? I've been reading about depmod but I don't know what
its purpose is or when I would use it. All of this is done as root. If
it matters i boot off of a floppy.

Jason Bauer
Guru 23 Computing Services
You break it, We fix it!

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