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Re: is the Creative Labs AWE64 GOLD Soundcard supported?

Nicola =)

>> Nicole,
> A-ehm, NicolA is a male name in Italy, just think about Nicolas in the
> USA.

Oops.. sorry about that! I think it was late when I wrote that 

> Yes, you're right, not nice being tied to the computer... not nice FM too
> nor eating CPU cycles for soft synthesis if you want the CPU to do
> something else... as you told you can use your synth-capable-keyboard for
> General Midi sounds from games (though here you _are_ tied to the computer
> and AWE is not bad in this case)... I think your Yamaha PSR-200 _is_
> General Midi compliant by now, isn't it? How many octaves has the
> keyboard, 4, 5 or 7? Did you have to buy a sustain pedal apart of it? 

Yeah.. it is tied then, but I just stick it on a chair, plug in the
3 wires, and works well (two plugs for the midi connection, and a
third into my SB16's input jack, which puts it into the stereo
system along with the wave sounds).. The thing is 11 pounds, but I
guess one of those Grand Pianos would be much harder to move..hehe.

Yes, the PSR-220 (not 200), is General Midi compliant (a feature of 
which it makes sure to mention many times in the manual..hehe). It 
has 100 panel instruments, and a seperate GM mode for 128 more. 

Well, it has 61 keys over about 5 octaves. However, you can also 
adjust the whole keyboard up or down two whole octaves by changing a 
simple setting (you could also split the keyboard between two
instruments and adjust each side by 2 octaves seperately).

It supports a sustain pedal, but I did not get one yet. When I get 
more $$$ and I am more advanced I'll get one. I think they go for 
about $20-$50US.

> I think games are very nice for an OS to be more widely used, and Linux
> could support both the _very_powerful_"solid"_graphics kind of games and
> the abstract_fast_X_fascinating_graphics kind, of course both with
> astonishing sounds :-) maybe in part math-generated and graphics-related
> (I still have to give a look at software such as kandinsky). Maybe one day
> some Debian-original ultra-eye_ear_MIND-catching game...? 

Hopefully some day...

> Where do you play Doom, Linux or DOS? If Linux, does it need anything else
> but a properly configured kernel in order to send to the external MIDI
> synth?... Maybe a doom-specific sound server does anything? Is there a
> Debian package?... I can't find one on the 1.3.1. CD... I had it on my
> very first Linux install years ago (or the second one...) and will give a
> look at some more recent CDs I have here. I tried abuse yesterday from the
> Debian package [not the one with 1.2.4, sound broken to me {but SVGA}, the
> one with 1.3.1 {but only X, not SVGA it seems}] and it looks very
> interesting (more than recent demos I saw in (Win)DOG with sophisticated
> 3d-like graphics), and sounds give a _very_ interesting taste; it seems
> they chose to have no music in it. 

Right now, I play it in dos, but that is only because I haven't 
actually gotten the chance to install Linux yet...hehe. In the dos 
version, I was just able to change the doom configuration from SB16 
to Midi Out. As for Debian packages, I am not sure. I know Doom and 
Wolfenstein3D are both out for Linux, though.



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