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Re: is the Creative Labs AWE64 GOLD Soundcard supported?

Ok, congrats for you nice keyboard. I heard a PSR-don'tRememberWhichNow
years ago and the sounds were nice. Don't get slave to gadgets though! 
get Mark E. Boling, "The jazz theory workbook", Advance Music... other
books if you want, one especially good for pianists. If you learn jazz you
can face anything. 

Back to Debian now.

On Thu, 23 Oct 1997 shawn.fumo@the-spa.com wrote:

> It supports a sustain pedal, but I did not get one yet. When I get 
> more $$$ and I am more advanced I'll get one. I think they go for 
> about $20-$50US.

As soon as you can, I suppose you have better learn _with_ it.

> > I think games are very nice for an OS to be more widely used, and Linux
> > could support both the _very_powerful_"solid"_graphics kind of games and
> > the abstract_fast_X_fascinating_graphics kind, of course both with
> > astonishing sounds :-) maybe in part math-generated and graphics-related
> > (I still have to give a look at software such as kandinsky). Maybe one day
> > some Debian-original ultra-eye_ear_MIND-catching game...? 
> Hopefully some day...
> > Where do you play Doom, Linux or DOS? If Linux, does it need anything else
> > but a properly configured kernel in order to send to the external MIDI
> > synth?... Maybe a doom-specific sound server does anything? Is there a
> > Debian package?... I can't find one on the 1.3.1. CD... I had it on my
> > very first Linux install years ago (or the second one...) and will give a
> > look at some more recent CDs I have here. I tried abuse yesterday from the
> > Debian package [not the one with 1.2.4, sound broken to me {but SVGA}, the
> > one with 1.3.1 {but only X, not SVGA it seems}] and it looks very
> > interesting (more than recent demos I saw in (Win)DOG with sophisticated
> > 3d-like graphics), and sounds give a _very_ interesting taste; it seems
> > they chose to have no music in it. 
> Right now, I play it in dos, but that is only because I haven't 
> actually gotten the chance to install Linux yet...hehe. In the dos 
> version, I was just able to change the doom configuration from SB16 
> to Midi Out. As for Debian packages, I am not sure. I know Doom and 
> Wolfenstein3D are both out for Linux, though.

Yes, no Debian packages almost on 1.3.1., will give a look at the ftp site
but think not. (This won't interest you, anyway I saw a couple of hours
ago that at Takashi Iwai's home page there is also stuff for Doom with
Linux, sound server and patches to use awe synth with it... A Debian
package of doom should put all that stuff together.)


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