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Re: is the Creative Labs AWE64 GOLD Soundcard supported?


> Ah, about that cheap MIDI (possibly mute) keyboard, I saw that
> shawn.fumo@the-spa.com was talking about it too, he was looking
> for midi software packages and mainly for software synthesis. 

Well, speaking of that, this is what I settled on. I turned out
getting a Yamaha PSR-220. It cost about $220US, and considering that
was not much more expensive than the keyboard with no sounds of its
own, was better to get that one. Including power supply, warrenty, 
and midi camble, turned out costing about $300US total.

It has turned out working very well. It works fine in place of a 
sound card (sounds MUCH better than FM Synthesis), and doesn't take 
up the processor like soft. syn. does. (thus making it possible to 
play games like Doom with it). It also works very well for inputting 
into a sequencer, as it can sense how hard you hit keys, etc.

I'd say that for a midi-comp. keyboard, this is about as low as
you'd want to go. Instruments sounded much more realistic (in
general) than the Casio I tried. Has no pitch-wheel, but can play
pitch-bend commands (so you could always add that later in the 
sequencer or something).

The only "dumb" keyboard with no sounds in it, looked fairly nice,
but I don't think it'd be worth it unless you found it for like
$100US. Otherwise, might as well pay a bit more for the Yamaha and
get a nice built-in synthesizer, and the ability to practice without
being tied to the computer...



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