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Re: is the Creative Labs AWE64 GOLD Soundcard supported?

On Wed, 22 Oct 1997, Nicola Bernardelli wrote:

> On Mon, 20 Oct 1997, Nicola Bernardelli wrote:
> >      As you suggested (THANK YOU), Marcus, I got 0.4.2c and it correctly
> > detects size of memory on soundcard: 
> > 
> > AWE32-0.4.2c (RAM4096k)
> > 
> I tried installing it on top of the AWE support coming with kernel
> 2.1.55... it works! (So far I tried with pnp handled by isapnp and not by
> the kernel, but will try that too.) 

PNP handled by the kernel doesn't work. Anyway redoing it with isapnp
succeeds, not that anything is stuck unreacheable.  

I've just ftp'ed and applied the small :-) patch files bringing from
2.1.55 to 2.1.59, pub/Linux/kernel/v2.1/patch-2.1.5[6-9].gz on a mirror
of sunsite.unc.edu, less than 200k total. Good that I didn't rm that big
linux-2.1.55.tar.gz! _Tomorrow_ I will configure 2.1.59, build and test
PNP and use 2.1.59 to continue looking at SLab.


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