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Re: problem with leafnode and gnus

On Tue, Oct 14, 1997 at 11:30:14PM +0000, Adrian Bridgett wrote:
> On Oct 13, Frank Barknecht wrote
> > Gustaf Erikson hat gesagt: // Gustaf Erikson wrote:
> > > However, after subscribing to c.o.l.misc and c.o.l.advocacy with gnus,
> > > I run fetch. It takes a long time. I check /var/spool/news, and see
> > > lots of directories for alt, gnu, soc, and uk. 
> > 
> > That's "a feature", I think. A lot of messages get crosspostet to groups
> > you don't have subscribed and you are not interested in. I even have 
> > /var/spool/news/microsoft/...  :(
> I started to use leafnode, but thought that this was ugly and stopped. I
> hoped that either I was doing something wrong or leafnode would be fixed. 

leafnode is a program, you don't need care about - just install it and
that's it (ok, change one or two lines in config file).

But you have to install inews, too. Otherwise you cannot post.

> I now use inn and newsx (I like newsx, but inn was a pain - maybe now I
> have a better idea things won't be so bad). I have a page at
> http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/wyvern/isp which should help if you are
> feeling lucky :-)

For one or a few users, inn is overkill, and leafnode one way to go.


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Marcus Brinkmann

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