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Re: Help with Samba+Windows+IP-Masq

I've done this.  I have a ne2000 connected to a cable modem and a 3c590
combo connected to two win95 machines with BNC.

I'll assume both interfaces work fine.

something like this to your /etc/smb.conf file (global section):
  interfaces =
                ^^^ local net     ^^^ i-net     ^^^ net mask
                eth0              eth1

all win95 machine should be setup to use your linux machine as a WINS
server and use TCI/IP

do you need help with IP_Masq too?


On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, Mario Olimpio de Menezes wrote:

> Hi,
> 	I'm needing help with the following:
> ---DNS/GateWay/Firewall---backbone---NT--Win95---SubLans---etc
>                                 |
>                                 |
>                              Linux w/IP-Masq (3 3Com590)
>                               |  |
>                              /    \
>                             |      |
>                          Windows  Windows   
>                              Machines
> 	My problem is how to allow the Windows machines bellow my
> Linux Box access Win95/NT/Win3.11 machines on other sub LANs? 
> 	The strange topology is out of my scope. I just set the Linux
> Box to allow the windows machines access Internet. Now people are
> putting information (forms, reports, etc) on Win95/Win311 machines and
> the windows users of my sub-LAN can't access it. Yes, I'm trying to 
> convince them to use ftp, but ... they are Windows users...
> 	The basic needed connection is simply to connect to share
> disk drive. (Something like:
> File_manager.Disk.Connect_another_network_unit.
> 	The machines outside my Linux LAN do not use fixed IP; they
> have a dhcp server so I can't use smbclient from Linux to connect to
> them.
> 	Is there a way to have the netbeui (is this?) protocol (?) 
> to pass from one netcard to other in my Linux box? 

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