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Re: How to use the Compose key?

Peter S Galbraith <galbraith@mixing.qc.dfo.ca> writes:

> > To be concrete: Which key or combination of keys do I have to press to
> > be able to compose something like ê or á? (I did this with emacs in
> > the iso-accents-mode).  Is it the same for the console and in X?
> >
> > Where can I read on how to define the compose key?
> For testing purposes, I've added a compose key as my F11 key like so:
> $ xmodmap -e "keycode 95 = Multi_key"
> But when I press [Multi_key] followed by apostrophe followed by [e],
> nothing is entered and I hear a beep.
> I was expecting to see: é
> How does this work?

If you pressed each key by its own you have done it correctly.  Not
every X application is aware of the compose key (don't ask me why), I
always use xterm or GNU Emacs 19.34 for testing, both of them works.

Netscape is one of the application that doesn't notice the compose


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