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Re: Bo-Hamm was Re: ghostscript problem

Dave Restall wrote:
> > Please enlighten me as to the meaning of "hamm" ?
> >
> Because this question or a variance on it is asked SO OFTEN,
> shouldn't the people who decide these things be thinking
> "Hey perhaps we're doing something wrong here ?".

Hamm, bo, rex are codenames.
These are "persistent" names that will not change during their life,
while stable, frozen, unstable, Debian-1.2, Debian-1.3 and Debian-2.0
are not persistent and are created and changed according to the "stage"
(maturity) of the development.

Actually "stable" points to bo and unstable to hamm. Later will be
created "frozen" pointing to hamm, and a new codeneme will appear as
"unstable". After the release time, "stable" will point to hamm as well
as "Debian-2.0" and there will be a new "unstable" to work on.

Therefore we currently use codenames to uniquely identify one particular
hierarchy in the ftp site.
I haven't cheched, but I think this {is,should be} explained in the
README which is displayed when you log on the debian directory in the
ftp site.

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