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Re: Cyrix kernel patch

It is a program that allows you to set certain bits in the CPU control
register. I run the rc.cyrix that comes with it at boot time on my cyrix box. I
still had trouble with the system locking up.  The two ways I was able to fix
it were 1): Disable internal CPU cache in the CMOS setup  OR 2) underclock the

I was continuing to have trouble even with the 6x86 package.  Voltage
regulators are a big deal but this MTech motherboard has a MONSTER heatsink on
the voltage regulator and it is designed to support the cyrix chips.

The one thing that I have not done, that I probably SHOULD do, is go to Radio
Shack and get a small tube of that silicone heatsink compound and put a thin
layer between chip and heatsink.  This can more than double heat transfer.

On 07-Oct-97 Al Youngwerth wrote:
>>CyrixInstead 6x86 instead of unknown 486.  set6x86 has solved my heat
>>concerns in my rather unventilated case.
>What is set6x86 ?
>Al Youngwerth
George Bonser 
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