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Re: "How does mgetty differ from uugetty" ?

> My problem is that I could not find the section that describes the features 
> that are supported by uugetty but not by mgetty. Can you tell me what are 

uugetty is horribly broken; this feature is not supported by mgetty.

Pete Harlan

(This is not just a flip answer: It's a meaningful flip answer.  Any
'features' uugetty has that mgetty doesn't can't meaningfully be
called features unless uugetty works properly, which it doesn't.  My
knowledge of this is a few years old; perhaps someone has picked up
maintenance of uugetty and gotten it working well.  It's more likely
that the documentation for mgetty is out of date, and should more
properly not even refer to uugetty.

The specific way it was broken when I looked at it was that it didn't
properly share the modem with outgoing programs.  If you want only to
use the modem for incoming lines, and you find something that uugetty
gives you that mgetty doesn't, then perhaps it's the program for you.)

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