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Re: wn 1.18.3-1 problems

On 6 Oct 1997, Tibor Simko wrote:

> when upgrading package wn from stable (1.17.0-5) to unstable
> (1.18.3-1), i experienced this problem:
>    Debian WN configuration (std, old, new, show, save, exit) [show] save
>    /usr/sbin/wnconfig: tempfile: command not found
>    /usr/sbin/wnconfig: ${wn_conf_tmp}: ambiguous redirect
> in the /usr/sbin/wnconfig shell script...

Hi Tibor,

Thanks for the report.  The program /usr/bin/tempfile is part of the
debianutils package from at least version 1.6.  Could you have an
earlier version that doesn't include this program?

Should I included a dependency on this?  I believe that the policy
manual says that essential packages don't need to be mentioned.  But
this may not be useful in the case where the interface provided by an
essential package changes as in this case.

Jean Pierre

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