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Forwarded msg: [lorenzo@ccda.utovrm.it: Re: Compose key? (Can a windoze keyboard be configured to...)]

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[[       ---  Alan Davis]]

On 5 Oct 1997, Alan Eugene Davis wrote:

> Can a windoze keyboard be configured, so those three extra keys can do
> something interesting?  
> Like act as a compose key?  a meta key?  
Definitely, yes. There are two ways of doing it: xmodmap, and XKB. The
latter is the preferred choice with X11R6.3, the former works for me since
some 12 mounths. The only problem is in getting the right xmodmap, which
is by now unavailable, since the computer I put it on for public ftp acces
has been stolen from the lab. It will be back soon, and you could try
ftp://argon.roma2.infn.it/linux/Xmodmap105.it. The keyboard is italian,
but you could look and see what is needed for composition, and extract
those lines. The quickest solution is for you to instal Jaime Zawinsky's
xkeycaps, which I see is debianized. If you download a version with the
minor release greater than .37, you'll get a version which knows about 105
keys keyboards (my own patches, I know they work!), and could do a good
job at making the keyboard act the way it should.

There is a keyboard effort going on for debian, but I'm not aware of any
progress, since my subsibed mailing lists went to the now stolen system.
Maybe someone could help you more on that effort, which I understand was
based on XKB.

Hope this helps.


Please note: my address will change back to lorenzo@argon.roma2.infn.it as
soon as we'll get the new computer.

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