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Re: wn 1.18.3-1 problems


>>>>> "jean" == Jean Pierre LeJacq <jplejacq@quoininc.com> writes:

    jean> Thanks for the report.  The program /usr/bin/tempfile is
    jean> part of the debianutils package from at least version 1.6.
    jean> Could you have an earlier version that doesn't include this
    jean> program?

thank you; yes, that was it.  i was upgrading from "stable" in a
selective manner and didn't know of the need to upgrade debianutils
package, too.

    jean> Should I included a dependency on this?  I believe that the
    jean> policy manual says that essential packages don't need to be
    jean> mentioned.  But this may not be useful in the case where the
    jean> interface provided by an essential package changes as in
    jean> this case.

hmm, i think it's not unusual for debian users to use "stable"
distribution and to upgrade to "unstable" only those packages one
really needs or is interested in.  therefore, personally, i would
prefer to have it included in dependencies... of course only during
its unstable period.  but anyway, it's not really needed, since you
replies so fast to the mailing list!  thanks again.

btw, jean-pierre, i'm glad to see that the wn package gets nicer and
nicer :-)

best wishes

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