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Re: Sound support in kernel-image-2.0.30

On Sat, 4 Oct 1997, Tom Ed White wrote:

> How can I find out which sound cards, if any, are supported in this
> kernel image? 
If you're using the standard debian-installed kernel,  I don't think ANY
are automatically supported.

> I want to know if I need to recompile my kernel for
> sound. I suspect that many of the drivers are already there, since
> the device file is present.
There's no way to get around compiling the kernel.  This isn't such a bad
thing,  as the kernel-install process is simple enough that a trained
monkey can do it :).  Assuming you've installed the
kernel-source.2.0.30.deb,  it's

1) determine your soundcard configuration (DMA,  IRQ,  addresses,  etc.)
2) as root,  
	a) cd /usr/src/linux
	b) make menuconfig (or make xconfig,  if you're running x and
	c) select "sound" and follow the prompts
	   at this point,  take a look at the other stuff in your kernel;
	if you don't have scsi,  disable scsi support,  etc.... makes the
	kernel smaller and faster --- you'll probably also want to make
	sound a module,  unless you use your sound card 24/7
3) make dep
4) make clean
5) make zImage
6) make modules
7) make modules_install
8) mv /vmlinuz /mvlinuz.old (or some other backup name)
9) cp /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zImage /vmlinuz
10) modify /etc/lilo.conf to have a stanze for each kernel -- keep the old
one around until you've run the new one a while (you might instead make
the new kernel into a boot disk,  so you don't have to play with lilo.conf
yet -- to do this "make zdisk" with a disk in the drive)
11) run lilo and then reboot

Email with questions.

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