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re- thinkpad install

I recently loaded Debian on an IBM Thinkpad
which has a cradle with a CD-rom thru (I believe)
a Future-Domain 8xxx SCSI interface.

Essentially new to Linux, 
  ( an OLDddddd UNIX Sys V developer though)

I do not know how to access my floppy, CD-rom
or mount the other disk partitions the install created.

Problem #1  - I cannot access the floppy on the ThinkPad
             Whenever I "mount /dev/fd0 /floppy"
             the floppy light comes on , but I get:
                end_request: I/O error, dev 03:00,sector 0
                mount: /dev/fd0 in not a valid block device

             Can ANYONE decipher what this could mean ?
                is my "mount" syntax correct ? 
                ( /floppy dir exists it was created by the system )

             I could NOT install DEBIAN untill I set the 

             root: linux floppy=thinkpad
             since installing the kernel before this option it
             seemed to timeout. When I used this option was only
             when I was able to get debian installed.

             I presume the floppy=thinkpad is for some special issues.

             Were is this referenced in the debian install ?

             Is there a special flag that are set to mount or access
             the floppy ? were are they kept ? what are they ?

Problem # 2 cannot mount the CD-rom

                when dselect asks for the block device name

                what should I give it ? 

                I do not think the CD-rom is mounted.
                How can I "ls -la" the cdrom ?

        frank naranjo

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