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Re: Sound support in kernel-image-2.0.30

On Sat, 4 Oct 1997, Lucas wrote:

> Hi,
> Could someone please help me interpret the following messages:
> during boot:
> "/dev/hda3 (my Linux part.) has reached maximal mount count ... forced
> check...."

This is a harmless message. If you mount and unmount an ext2 partition a
certain number of times, fsck checks it just to make sure it doesn't
contain any errors.

On an ext2 partition there is a counter which is reset when you check it.
When you unmount a partition (I think it is then) it is increased by one.
When the counter reaches a certain value (I believe 20 or 25), the
partition is checked the next time you run fsck on it, no matter what.
> second message (only as regular user, not as root):
> $man [whatever]
> (the man page does display, but with a message that obviously concerns
> permissions:)
> "man: can't create /var/catman/cat1/XXX(some number)
> man: can't unlink /var/catman/cat1/XXX: Permission denied"

This could mean /var/catman has, somehow, got the wrong permissions. You
can correct this by running these two commands as root:

# rm -rf /var/catman
# mkcatdirs man root 0755

For an explanation of the mkcatdirs command, run it with no parameters.


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