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Re: ls no display directory

Lawrence Lucier <lucier@bossie.cow-net.com> writes:

> Howdy all........:-)

G'day mate.  ;-)

> I inadvertently typed " cd\ " (without the quotes) while
> at the root prompt. I got a what looked like a DOS prompt
> " > " (again without the quotes) so I am assuming that
> somehow I switched over to DOS mode somehow.

No.  All directory separators are "/" in Unix.  "\" is used in lots of
programs (and C compilers) at the end of the line to indicate that the
next line is part of the current line, and bash uses ">" to indicate
that you've done this:

$ echo foo\
> bar

BTW, you need a space between all arguments in Unixes.

> Anyways to make a long story short, now whenever I try to
> do a directory listing of root with " ls " (yes indeed,
> without the quotes) no directory names/files are
> displayed.

Is this in _the_ root directory, or in "/root"?  If you log in as root
you'll start in /root which is root's home directory.  If you type
"cd /" then ls you'll get a listing of _the_ root directory.  There
won't be anything in /root to start with, except some hidden files.
Type "ls -a" (or "ls -la") to see them, like DIR/AH.  Type "pwd" to
find out which directory you're in (like CD on its own in DOS).

> Opps, almost forgot!  How does one go about displaying
> which directory they are in as part of the prompt?
> eg:  etc/foo/bar#

First of all, you should be doing this as the normal user you set up
when you installed Debian.  That way, "rm -rf *" in the wrong place
won't result in a reinstall (like DELTREE WINDOWS would).

Then edit your .bash_profile and add `PS1="\\w\\$ "', and log out and
back in, or type it yourself at the prompt.

I hop I don't offend you by assuming you've had some DOS experience!

    Carey Evans  <*>  http://home.clear.net.nz/pages/c.evans/  gc

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