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Re: ls no display directory

Lawrence Lucier hat gesagt: // Lawrence Lucier wrote:

> Howdy all........:-)
> I inadvertently typed " cd\ " (without the quotes) while
> at the root prompt. I got a what looked like a DOS prompt
> " > " (again without the quotes) so I am assuming that
> somehow I switched over to DOS mode somehow.  I haven't
> even looked at running stuff from the DOS side yet as I
> have been concentrating on learning linux syntax,
> installing etc.
No, you didn't enter DOS-mode, that is not so simple. 
Instead you have type the socalled "escape"-character "\" which 
"escapes" your ENTER-key. That means that ENTER did not end your command
"cd", but instead just inserted a newline. 
The strange "DOS-promt" ">" just indicates that you can type the rest of your 
command now. 
In the end your full comman after

> ls

was the same as
$ cd ls

and you don't have a directory called ls here, do you?

> Anyways to make a long story short, now whenever I try to
> do a directory listing of root with " ls " (yes indeed,
> without the quotes) no directory names/files are
> displayed.  If I switch to a subdirectory or do a "ls"
> (yep, you guessed it!<g>) with full directory path, then
> ls seems to work just fine.....it's only in the root
> directory that names aren't displayed.
> Any clues on this strange behaviour anyone?
> Thanks.....:-)
> Opps, almost forgot!  How does one go about displaying
> which directory they are in as part of the prompt?
> eg:  etc/foo/bar#
> rather than just having the "#" displayed (Need I
> mention about the quotes? <g>)

For example:
Edit /etc/profile or ~/.bash_profile and put a line

PS1="\\W\$ "

into it. (with the quotes!)


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