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ls no display directory

Howdy all........:-)

I inadvertently typed " cd\ " (without the quotes) while
at the root prompt. I got a what looked like a DOS prompt
" > " (again without the quotes) so I am assuming that
somehow I switched over to DOS mode somehow.  I haven't
even looked at running stuff from the DOS side yet as I
have been concentrating on learning linux syntax,
installing etc.

Anyways to make a long story short, now whenever I try to
do a directory listing of root with " ls " (yes indeed,
without the quotes) no directory names/files are
displayed.  If I switch to a subdirectory or do a "ls"
(yep, you guessed it!<g>) with full directory path, then
ls seems to work just fine.....it's only in the root
directory that names aren't displayed.

Any clues on this strange behaviour anyone?

Opps, almost forgot!  How does one go about displaying
which directory they are in as part of the prompt?

eg:  etc/foo/bar#

rather than just having the "#" displayed (Need I
mention about the quotes? <g>)

"It's A Magical World, Hobbes, Ol' Buddy... ...Let's Go Exploring !"

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