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Re: X 3.3-6

On Fri, 3 Oct 1997, G. Kapetanios wrote:

> Hi, 
> I am considering moving from X 3.3-3 which I currently have to X 3.3-6 .
> However in the last few  weeks a number of messages point that there are a
> number of problems with this upgrade associated also with xlib6g. Can
> somebody briefly summarise what
> these are and how to upgrade safely ?

The problems are easy to summarize:
- xlib6 version 3.3-6 has a bug in it that causes a lot of programs not to
  find files under /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/ . xlib6 version 3.3-5 doesn't have
  this bug.
- the rest of the packages don't seem to have any bugs that break other
  things (of course they do have bugs).

So, upgrade everything to the latest version execpt xlib6. Upgrade this to
version 3.3-5. The best order in this is:
- find xlib6_3.3-5.deb and download it. You can try my own ftp server at
- use 'dpkg -i xlib6_3.3-5.deb' (as root) to install it.
- in dselect, put xlib6 on hold: find the package and press `='.
- now, point dselect at the `unstable' tree and use it to upgrade
  everything you want to upgrade. xlib6 will not be touched because you
  have put it on hold.


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