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Re: Time Zone & mount points

On Fri, 3 Oct 1997, Nelson, R.A (Richard/Rick) wrote:

> Thanks for all the previous help, I'm pretty well on my way now.
> I can actually do usefull work ;-}
> I've got two small problems (w/my computer, we'll not go further...)
>   *) How do I set the timezone appropriately?
>      I noticed /etc/localtime was symlinked to a non-existant file
>      And that /etc/timezone had that name as its contents
>      --time run a thorough disk check...

(must be root for this)
>   *) I've got /bin mounted seperately as r/o.  Now, I'd like to move
>      /sbin there as well.  I assume that what I need to do is to mount
>      a new directory (say /mnt/robins) and have /bin,/sbin directories
>      therein and symlinked in root?

Please do not do this. /bin and /sbin are required to be on the root file
system. They contain binaries you need to fix things when you have
troubles mounting file systems other than the root file system. The same
goes for /lib and /etc. 

What puzzles me is that you have /bin on a seperate mount point and you
are still able to mount it. On my system, the only 'mount' binary is in


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