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Re: How to multitask in X-windows?

( Re: Message from ImmortaL )
> Actually your both right because my question can go both ways it doesnt
> matter they both are helpful BUT,i tried both ways and they dont work for
> example if i enter X and start netscape and then go back to Xterm i cant
> enter any commands its locked until i kill netscape,i tried it only with
> Xterm i opened two Xterms but the first one didnt work after i opened the
> second one.Then tried the Virtual way Ctrl-alt-Fx and when i did that and a
> new logon screen came on and then when i went back to X there was no X
> there was a shell screen and it showed all the usual commands when X starts
> and it was locked.and i cant do anything so i have to kill it.Do you have
> to be running XDM for it to work?Or do you have any idea why this wont
> work?
> Thanks
> wicked@ziplink.net

One possibility which doesn't seem to have been mentioned, which would
explain everything except your last item, is that your X windows are
configured so that you have to left-button-click onto a window in order
to change "focus" to it. There are several options for "focus", the one
I prefer being "focus follows mouse" plus "autoraise", but it's also
perfectly possible to have it set so that if the "focus" (i.e. the
capability to receive input) is in one window then it stays there until
you move the mouse over another window AND click on that window.

Depending on the window-manager setup, it may be enough to click
anywhere on the new window, or you may have to click on the top bar.

Since, when you create a new xterm, the focus will automatically go to the
new window, if that's how you're configured that's where will stay.

However, your last point is more puzzling. From your description, the most
likely thing is that when you first did Ctrl-Alt-F[x] out of X you ended
up in a different terminal screen from the one you started X from
(depending on the value of [x]); and then when you did Alt-F[y] to get
back to X you chose the wrong value of [y] and ended up in the terminal
screen you started X from, and not in the terminal on which X is running.

If that's the case, since (usually) X is running in VT7 then Alt-F7 should
get you back to X and all is well. You may start X from VT1, but X will
run in VT7 (or whatever). If Alt-F7 doesn't work then try every possible
Alt-F[y] and make a note of which one is the X terminal.  (It won't be F7
if, in your /etc/inittab, you have it set to run "getty"s on /dev/tty[n]
for [n] going up above 7 -- X runs in the first "free" VT, i.e. one with
no "getty" on it).

If it still doesn't work, then you might begin to think that your X
installation is screwed.

Hope this helps,
Ted.                                    (Ted.Harding@nessie.mcc.ac.uk)

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