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Re: what is the sticky bit?

Paul Miller wrote:
> I know this is a really stupid question.. but what is the sticky bit?

The sticky bit overcomes a problem with file permissions in Unix.
Specifically, the ability to create/delete a file in a given directory
depends on the *directory permissions*. When the sticky bit is set,
on a directory, the *owner* of files in that directory may remove
the files. An example will make this clear. Suppose my system has
a user, 'foo'. Let us assume the following commands are run by 
someone logged in as root:

mylinux# cd ~foo
mylinux# echo 'I dare you to delete this' > make_my_day
mylinux# chmod 600 make_my_day
mylinux# pwd
mylinux# ls -l make_my_day
-rw-------   1 root     root            0 Oct  1 11:11 /home/foo/make_my_day

Now user foo logs in and does the following:

mylinux$ whoami
mylinux$ pwd
mylinux$ cat make_my_day
cat: make_my_day: Permission denied
mylinux$ ls -ld .
drwx--x--x  27 foo      foo          3072 Oct  1 11:13 .
mylinux$ rm make_my_day
rm: remove `make_my_day', overriding mode 0600? y
mylinux$ ls -l make_my_day
ls: make_my_day: No such file or directory

Suprised?! Don't be. In a unix file system a directory is basically
a special "file". The act of creating or deleting a file from a 
directory consists (obviously there's a little more which must happen)
of creating/removing "entries" in this special file. Thus it is the
permissions on a *directory* which determine whether or not a file
may be created-in/removed-from a directory. 

Anytime you want to have a directory be "shared" by many users, this
type of behavior causes problems: if you make the directory writable,
so that anyone can create a file in the directory, you also make it
so that anyone can delete a file from the directory, *regardless* of
who owns the file. Usually, what you want is for anyone (or anyone
in a given group) to be able to be able to create file in the shared
directory but only allow the *owner* of the file to delete (or modify)
the file. The sticky bit makes this possible.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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