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Re: Q: Programming for console and X11?

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Dirk Luetjens wrote:

> I wanted to write an aplication which is capable of running in a graphics
> mode but also on a text console. I though of having the same look & feel
> in both modes. Since is only uses buttons, checkboxes, selection lists and
> tabulars it should be possible to provide a console equivalent. 
> In case of the console, window/buttons/... are drawn with characters and
> colors.  

The Deity project is developing a set of widgets much like you describe,
but they are not really done yet.
> I wanted to use different software layers to hide the UI Interface
> routines from the application code in the following way. 
>              application
>                   |
>            wrapper classes   <- layout description file
>                   ^
>  DISPLAY not set / \ DISPLAY set
>                 /   \
>          console     some gui toolkit
>             ^           | 
>            / \         X11
>    keyboard   mouse

It works out better if you do:
                    Widget Lib  <--- Input (X11, keyboard, mouse)
                  Drawing Primitives
                   /           \
                 console       X11   

Attempting to force an existing gui toolkit into that sort of model is
pretty nasty. The shared code between the text/gui widgets is extremely


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