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Re: formatted floppy type??

In article <199709252101.OAA00594@bossie.cow-net.com> lucier wrote:
: Howdy Will.......thanks for the reply. :-)  Seems it's just the four 1.44 b=
: ase install disks
: that don't respond to either:
: mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt 
: or
: mount -t ext2 /dev/fd0 /mnt 
: VFS gives an error message stating "Can't find <valid> MSDOS/ext2 filesyste=
: m on dev 02:00".

They are parts of a tar file. At least during the installation there's
a very stripped tar called star. If you want to know more about this
try the boot-floppies package.

: BTW, would you happen to know what the 02:00 describes?

Yes it is indeed the major:minor device numbers, as an earlier post
said. However you should be aware of that the numbers you're asking
about is in hexadecimal, and the numbers you'll see if you do an ls
-al of /dev is in decimal. Hence 03:11 refers to hda17 and not to



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