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Re: formatted floppy type??

Douglas Bates <bates@stat.wisc.edu> writes:

> Lawrence Lucier <lucier@bossie.cow-net.com> writes:

> > Howdy Will.......thanks for the reply. :-)  Seems it's just the four 1.44 b=
> > ase install disks
> > that don't respond to either:

I should have read what you actually wrote and not what I thought you
wrote :-)

You're right - the base disks don't have a file system on them.  They
are a simply a copy of a cpio or a tar file (I forgot which) that is
read directly from the raw device.  They are not intended to be used
by anything other than the installation procedure.

I hope my previous message describing fdmount would be of some use to
some users even though it was misdirected at your question.

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