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Re: debian ftp - why there is no unstable

when I run dselect, it expects stable/binary-i386 and not
stable/main/binary-i386, what version of dselect uses the new ftp


Scott Ellis wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Lawrence wrote:
> > I mirror the debian ftp and find that the symlink unstable/development
> > is missing, dselect looks for these symlink and now it won't ask me
> > whether I want to use the unstable files.  Anyone?
> The structure of the ftp site changed slightly, making the old method of
> specifying file locations incorrect.  Feed dpkg-ftp '/debian' for the
> directory and 'dists/unstable/main dists/unstable/non-free
> dists/unstable/contrib' for the sections.

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