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tar archive overwritten

URGENT. I know this is not the wright place to ask this kind of question,
but it is a very urgent one ! My news server is down, so I try here. 
It could have happened on a linux system too ! Here's the problem 

System: Unisys SMP5400, Pentium P5/EISA, Sys 5R4 (4.0.2).

Tar archive overwritten. Help ! Does this sound familiar ? We need to
extract a dump file of about 4M that is on a DAT tape, ... somewhere.
Little problem: the (backup-) tape was overwritten by the command:

  tar -cvf /dev/rmt/cd0d0 <file>

Maybe there is some hope of retrieving the file with known name !?


e-mail: Marc.Fleureck@cmlag.fgov.be

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