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quota bug ?


I have just installed  the quota utility on my system. 
I did everything by the book but when I would run quota as a user it would
say Disk quotas for ... : None . I checked and rechecked everything but it
didn't help. I  run  quotacehk
about 2 times and also /etc/init.d/quota start . Then I rebooted and it
worked fine. I thought that /etc/fstab can be read immediatelly after it
is written and no deamon needs to be restarted . I guess I am wrong.

Any ideas ?

George Kapetanios
Churchill College
Cambridge, CB3 0DS    E-Mail: GK205@cus.cam.ac.uk
U.K.                  WWW: http://garfield.chu.cam.ac.uk/~gk205/work_info.html

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