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Re: XFree86 and Threads...

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> > From what I understand, just recompiling X won't give you
> > anything. You would have to rewrite parts of it (probably very big
> > chunks...) to be able to actually run the server in multiple threads.

I've had difficulties myself getting threads working properly
with X-windows.  I'm not sure that just recompiling things with
the -D_REENTRANT will completely work.  Though, this also depends
on a number of other things.  Like, I believe if you are using one of
the widget sets you have to also be careful.  I don't believe
that Motif 1.2 for instance (someone will correct me if I'm wrong here)
is at all reentrant and thus great care must be used if you
want to do threads.

I have found though that there are some possibilities to doing
multi-threads with ANY (presumably.. at least I've done it on various
Linux X-servers and under Solaris) X-server.  I'm developing multi-threaded
code right now in which I dedicate one and ONLY one thread for
handling all of my X-server requests.  My other threads can then
do all of my calculations, network accesses, etc.  I haven't had
any problems with it yet (other then the pain of properly designing it).


Richard Dansereau
Email: rdanse@pobox.com          Home page:  http://pobox.com/~rdanse
Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of Manitoba - Canada

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