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Re: Sendmail and domain name

On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, David Morris wrote:
> : >I would take a look at the follwing lines in sendmail.cf:
> : >
> : ># my official domain name
> : ># ... define this only if sendmail cannot automatically determine your
> : >domain
> : >#Dj$w.Foo.COM
> : 
> : Ah, so that is the $j variable it told me about. No wonder a 'grep $j *' 
> : showed nothing. OK, so I tried to change it (and reboot) but when I 
> : changed it to:
> : 
> : Dj$gently
> : 
> : or to 
> : 
> : Dj$gently.myispdomain.net
> : 
> : Neither one solved the problem.
> According to the (big) sendmail book from O'Reilly, you would change
> this to
> Dj$w.myispdomain.net
> It would seem that you could also put
> Djgently.myispdomain.net
> Haven't tried these myself, just read it out of the book, so can't
> guarantee it :/  However, from your description, 'hostname' returns
> "gently", and that confuses sendmail.  If this is the case, use the
> first example I gave.

Another option, depending on what IP address(es) you're using, is to set
up a DNS server (bind) on your host (or somewhere on your network, if
you're so lucky) which can provide the FQDN of your host.  I did that with
a diald'ed box (it was already supposed to be a primary nameserver for the
domain, but I made it a secondary for the reverse domain of both the
network card and the modem's IP addresses) and solved the boottime delay
and error messages.

Holler if you'd like help with this fix.  It would probably make other
things faster/easier for you, also.


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