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Re: SCSI Host Adapter (+ Re: 2 CPU servers)

I am resending this, this time to the mailing list.  I suspect that
the list-group gateway is not bidirectional, is that true?

jeff@planetfall.com (Jeff Noxon) writes:
   Note that the non-CPU FlashPoint models are the only ones available
   with twin-bus configurations.  BusLogic is marketing these at the
   server segment.  If the dedicated CPU was a big performance win, I
   don't think they would do that.

Everyone seems to think that buslogic BT-948 or BT-958 is the best
choice for Linux (apart from DPT cards).  I asked Leonard Zubkoff and
he told me that the flashpoint cards are slightly faster than the
multimaster series, except for very high disk loads and high interrupt
latency, but normally flashpoint is okay.

What I said in another previous post of mine that I think got lost, is
that even though the latest buslogic driver by Zubkoff supports the
flashpoint series, Debian 1.3.1 still includes only support for the
multimaster.  This means, for example, that you cannot install debian
1.3.1 from scratch on a box with only a flashpoint board (and non EIDE
disk, for example).

If you think going buslogic, the following are very recommended

   If you have any other questions about the BusLogic SCSI adapters,
   I suggest reading "drivers/scsi/README.BusLogic" in the kernel
   source tree.  And check out the web page listed there, as well as

Also, the SCSI-HOWTO and README.Buslogic in debian 1.3.1 are outdated
with respect to the info in the references I gave above.  Beware.

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