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Re: SCSI Host Adapter

I endorsed.

Jeff Noxon wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 03, 1997 at 09:27:41AM -0700, Steve Witt wrote:
> [snip]
> > I've read the SCSI HOW-TO and it seems to highly recommend the Buslogic
> > series of boards.  All of my Windows friends tell me that the Adaptec
> > boards are the only way to go.  In looking at my normal stores, both local
> This is FUD.  I had the same resistance at first.  Adaptec has brand-name
> recognition.
> > and mailorder, the Adaptec boards are sold by everybody, the Buslogic by
> > almost no one.  I searched for some suppliers of the Buslogic boards and
> > most don't seem to keep much stock and would have to order board from the
> > manufacturer.  The two boards I'm considering are the Buslogic BT-948 and
> > Adaptec AHA-2940, which seem to be similar in performance and price.
> >
> > My questions are:  Is the Buslogic board really better than the Adaptec?
> > Is the Buslogic better supported in Linux than the Adaptec?  Is the
> > difference worth it?
> I have a BusLogic BT-946C (the predecessor to the 948), and an Adaptec
> AHA-3940W.  I've also used practically every other model of Adaptec and
> BusLogic controller at one time or another.
> I will never buy another Adaptec controller again.
> Here's why:
>   - Adaptec does not support free software.  BusLogic embraces Linux.
>     The quality of the Adaptec and BusLogic drivers on Linux reflects
>     this:  The Adaptec driver is marginally acceptable, and the BusLogic
>     driver is great.
>   - The BusLogic boards have been more compatible with marginal cabling
>     and termination.  The Adaptec boards are generally more sensitive to
>     this.
>   - The BusLogic boards are all compatible with the Adaptec AHA-1542
>     standard.  Even the new Adaptec boards do not support that old mode.
>     This can be very useful in those rare circumstances when you don't
>     have a native-mode driver available.  The 1542 driver is ubiquitous.
>   - BusLogic has great customer support, exchange/upgrade policies, and
>     IMHO better products.  I have never had any trouble getting questions
>     answered -- even very technical ones.  As always, YMMV.
>   - Just as easy to use, if not easier.  And some have flashable firmware
>     (ie the 948) and other features Adaptec doesn't have.
>   - The BusLogic board works w/ everything.
> Adaptec is in a position where they virtually control the PC SCSI market.
> This is unfortunate, and it is why BusLogic cards can be hard to find.  But
> they can be ordered from Insight, CDW, MicroWarehouse, etc., and numerous
> other places.  You might need to ask for MYLEX instead of BusLogic, because
> MYLEX bought the company.  The model numbers are the same, as far as I know.
> Even the "low-end" BusLogic cards are pretty good.  They just lack an onboard
> CPU to process SCSI requests.  But thanks to BusLogic, the SCSI manager code
> was GPL'd and is integrated into the Linux driver.
> Now you know what to do,  <g>
> Jeff
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