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Increasing DOS partition

  I just performed some fall cleaning by running a fresh install (like
  the one-disk install, thanks!).  All went relatively smoothly except
  on the DOS side.

  I totally repartitioned the disks although I left /dev/sda1 as the
  DOS partition, only bigger.  cfdisk in Linux showed the increased
  partition size, fdisk on a DOS boot floppy was also happy, but a
  "dir" in DOS showed the old size, and a "format /s" also formatted
  based upon the old size.  One other hint: when I mount the partition
  from Linux, it also shows the old size.

  Any tips as to how I can format (or whatever) the DOS partition so
  that the OSs recognize the entire partition?  And hopefully do this
  without destroying all my work on the other partitions.

Bill Wohler <wohler@newt.com>
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