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Re: Increasing DOS partition

On Sat, 6 Sep 1997, Bill Wohler wrote:

>   I totally repartitioned the disks although I left /dev/sda1 as the
>   DOS partition, only bigger. cfdisk in Linux showed the increased
>   partition size, fdisk on a DOS boot floppy was also happy, but a
>   "dir" in DOS showed the old size, and a "format /s" also formatted
>   based upon the old size.  One other hint: when I mount the partition
>   from Linux, it also shows the old size.
>   Any tips as to how I can format (or whatever) the DOS partition so
>   that the OSs recognize the entire partition?  And hopefully do this
>   without destroying all my work on the other partitions.

is it a 12-bit FAT partition or 16-bit FAT partition?  12-bit FATs can't go
beyond 32MB in size (could be wrong on the 32mb, but it's around that).

try changing the partition type in linux fdisk to 16-bit FAT.  otherwise,
delete the partition with DOS FDISK and recreate it before formatting.

as with anything involving the partition table, it is a good idea to backup
your important data first.  this is especially true if you use MS code (like
DOS' FDISK.EXE) to do it.


craig sanders
networking consultant                  Available for casual or contract
temporary autonomous zone              system administration tasks.

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