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Backing up entire machine.

	I have been looking at the simplest way to back up a couple of
small machines.  For example this machine has primary DNS server and
backup mail relay for my domain.  There are a few other things but that's
really the important part.  Complete off site backups and such would be
basically a waist.  In this case because the primary desire is to get 
running quickly again without having to do a fresh install, configuration

	What I was looking at was simply to NFS mount a large server and
use something like cpio to transfer the whole thing over there.  If each
file could be gzipped in the process of transfering them it would be
helpfull.  Does this sound like a reasonable approach and is there a more
simple means of doing this.  I tend to find that the biggest problems on a
system like this one is that someone trashes up a particular file, deletes
it or I have a disk crash.  ( The bearings in the drive don't sound really
healthy at this moment. )  Getting an archive of this system would be a
big plus as far as I can see.

	Any help or suggestions would be extremely helpfull because this
is kind of a new area for me to deal with on Linux systems.  Thanks All.

		Chris Ross				chris@seitz.com

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