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Backing up entire machine.

On Sep  6, 1997, at 12:04, R. Chris Ross wrote:
 > 	What I was looking at was simply to NFS mount a large server and
 > use something like cpio to transfer the whole thing over there.  If each
 > file could be gzipped in the process of transfering them it would be
 > helpfull.  Does this sound like a reasonable approach and is there a more
 > simple means of doing this.

I have seen NFS fail when copying very big files through the
Ethernet. I think I would rather use rcp; I'm not sure whether you can
use pipes with it, but you might try:

machine1 $ (cd /path/to/backup; tar zcf - .) | rcp machine2:/safe/path

 > 		Chris Ross				chris@seitz.com

Gonzalo A. Diethelm G.

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