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Re: Connection refused. Damn.

Cc: heiko@rosix.icce.rug.nl
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heiko@rosix.icce.rug.nl (Heiko Heijenga) writes:

> Howdy,
> I've recently installed debian on my computer (1) and connected it
> with another computer (2) (also debian) in the house with
> ethernet. But when I try to telnet from 1 to 2, I get the message:
> Connection refused. The other way (2 to 1) works fine. What have I
> done wrong?

I got bitten by this one....

By default, /etc/hosts.deny contains:
# The PARANOID wildcard matches any host whose name does not match its
# address.
ALL: PARANOID                       

So if (2) has this in /etc/hosts.deny and can't do a reverse lookup of
(1)'s address, (1) can't telnet in.

Possible solutions are to set up the DNS correctly for (1), or add (1)
to (2)'s /etc/hosts file, or (as a last resort) comment out the 
ALL: PARANOID line on (2)

Hope this helps...

Scott Hanson  <shanson@shcon.com> 
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